I am so happy you are here. My name is Crystal and I created CrystalBetsy to connect with Moms who feel isolated and lonely.

I want to coach you through finding your fire & get you connected to your perfect tribe.

When we become Moms so many of us stop caring about ourselves. We never talk about it, but we feel an emptiness that we can’t seem to put our finger on.

There are days we feel exhausted by family life, motherhood and we sometimes feel the loss of our identity.

We wonder why we are unhappy when we have beautiful healthy children, a loving relationship and our own health to be grateful for. It is NOT just you. I have also been in that place, filled with guilt. It doesn’t have to be this way.

You can be confident & connected… It just takes some self-reflection & inspired action.

Here at CrystalBetsy:

I will teach you some practical things you can do that will make you feel like yourself & learn to connect with the world around you.

Here I will go over simple ways to:

  • Make small changes in your parenting routines, that will give you back, your much needed, personal space. 
  • Help your mind grow, because you know the saying, “Use It or Lose It” 
  • Feed your soul even when you aren’t religious. 
  • How to make yourself a priority, so you won’t be that emotional volcano, ready to erupt at any second. 

As Moms, we are so full of love. We love our kids with every fiber of our being, our family, our pets and our partners.

But, we often don’t love ourselves with that same ferocity. When we start to love ourselves everything changes.

Think about it… you can’t pour out of an empty cup, right?

Who I Am

I am the Mom of four awesome kids, two that I had myself, Robert (9) & Caiden (7), and two that are my Husbands, Kaylee (12) & Teddy (8). My husband, Brian and I met while dropping our boys off at the same preschool, back in 2013. We got married in October of 2017.

Author Crystal's Family photo. Her, her husband and four kids.
(From Left: Brian, Teddy, Kaylee, Caiden, Robert & Crystal)

We also happen to have great co-parenting relationships with our exes, and our kids thrive because of our kindness towards each other.

Brian is an Illinois State Trooper with an Explosive Detection K9 named Kira. Kira gets to live with us, and she gets along great with our other Dogs, Jax and Hurricane.

(From Left: Kira, Hurricane & Jax)

On top of Life-Coaching & writing for the blog, I run an In-Home Daycare and I love all of the little ones I have the privilege of caring for. I love being a part of shaping little minds and filling their hearts with joy and love.

I’m close to receiving my Degree in Early Childhood Education. After many years of indecisiveness on what I really wanted in a career, and switching majors time and time again, I finally chose ECE. After spending a ridiculous amount of time and money, on college I found my love for helping other Moms.

So here I am, blogging away and loving it. I want to help you on your path to confidence & connection. Find what you love and do more of it!

Know that, when you care for yourself, you will have more to give to those you love most.

You Are So Worth It!

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I can’t wait to get to know you!

Thank you for visiting with me,

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